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Wikipedia Through The Looking Glass


Last update August 2018

Please note: the enclosed information is COPYRIGHTED AND CONFIDENTIAL. Please do NOT quote from it directly or post any of it online. Each PDF file has weblink footnotes appended, which may be used to verify the information and statements herein. We are sharing this info with you as a professional courtesy, because we feel you will find a legitimate use for the information; please don't abuse this relationship.

If you wish to write your own original essays on Wikipedia, you are welcome to use this information as a starting point. So long as you do not cut-paste or reuse our text. We also have hundreds of photographs of Wikipedia insiders whose copyright status is unknown or questionable; contact Barbour if you wish to see something specific.

We should also note that Wikipedia insiders are notoriously paranoid, censorious and intolerant of criticism of any type. Please do NOT share this info with Wikipedia insiders of any type, especially WMF employees and Wikipedia administrators/functionaries. There is a real danger they will destroy visible Wikipedia pages in order to hide their past abuses. They have done it before and will probably keep on doing it.

The articles herein are not in any particular order. If you wish to read this material in order to get an overview of how Wikipedia developed from its beginning, start with items focusing on Wikipedia's early history, such as:

  • Jimbo Wales
  • Larry Sanger
  • Bomis
  • various files on early administrators
  • “Emergence”
  • “Origin of the wiki”
  • "Wikipedia's first months”
  • Nupedia

There is a loosely-assembled subject index on the top page of our site at [] which you can use to further categorize articles.

If you have further questions you are welcome to contact us.

E. A. Barbour