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Guy Chapman, Wikipedia username JzG[1]

(short for "just 'zis guy", a joke from the old BBC sitcom Fawlty Towers) describes himself as "sometimes cyclist, often geek, acceptable baritone singer, dad, Volvo owner and a few other things." His userpage once read "If you are going to be a dick, please be a giant dick, so we can ban you quickly and save time. Thank you so much."


Lives in Reading, UK, as of 2017 (previously south London). He is believed to be employed by Dell Computers UK.

He has frequently been accused of being a homophobe, anti-Catholic, and misogynist, and somehow manages to deny all of it. Friend of David Gerard and Tony Sidaway, and like them, Guy was a Usenet pest from the early 2000s until 2011. Examples, mostly found in uk.rec.cycling and a few other groups in the 2008-2011 timeframe: [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9]

Guy liked to troll bicycling-related newsgroups, posting unrelated material -- and stirring up animosity.

He occasionally used the pseudonym "Lou Knee". And in spite of his obvious trolling and abuse, he had a retinue of supporters. Guy dislikes homeopathy[10] and "quack" medicine in general, and has edited Wikipedia articles such as Luc Montagnier[11] and Stanislaw Burzynski[12] to reflect his hatred. Quote[13] from a 2010 Usenet post:

"He likes to wallow in shit, then raise an almighty protest that he's covered in shit. It's terrible that all

the shit sticks to him, when all he does is lie down in it, roll around in it, throw it up in the air and give it a good stir whenever an opportunity arises."

"He does it all with an apparent cast-iron faith in his hard-done-by innocence. Apparently, if you

throw shit up in the air then stand around looking aggrieved, it's someone else's fault if it lands on you."

"He'd feel picked on if he got stung after giving a wasps nest a good prodding with a pointy stick. He'd

then go and find another wasps nest to prod just to prove how blameless he is."

"I can only assume there's something wrong with him - some fundamental inability to recognise cause

and effect, maybe. Some disjoint where he thinks that being annoying proves he is important. It's almost indistinguishable from troll behaviour, but altogether more strange mainly because it's his own doorstep he craps on, his own pool his pisses in (proudly and publicly, before complaining about the turd that's floating in the deep end)." (sic)

--"Ian Smith - On Guy Chapman - 19 October 2009 "

From another Usenet thread in November 2008[14]:

"Absolutely typical. Someone posts an entirely valid criticism of Chapman, yet because the regulars

love him for the motorist-hating cunt that he is, they all jump to his defence. It's like a cult or something. Scary."

"I honestly think that someone could post irrefutable evidence that Crapman was a

paedophile/murderer/other serious criminal, and the regulars would simply repeat their routine of "Go away, we don't care, he's our anti-motorist idol and he can do no wrong"."

"There's loyalty, and there's deeply disturbing, sickening sycophancy. Regulars: if Crapman told you

to jump under a bus, would you? The answer is probably "yes" (especially since buses are "safe", not being cars, and that means that a bus couldn't possibly injure anyone, or if it did then it would be the fault of a nearby car driver)."

WP history

"Lunacy" is the only way to concisely describe Guy's Wikipedia "work". He started editing under his old username "Just_zis_Guy,_you_know" in August 2004, and edited very little other than bicyclerelated articles. His RFA[15] was in January 2006, and was rubberstamped by his friends in the "cabal".

Many of the "Oppose" and "Neutral" voters were pressured to change their votes; a typical pattern with "true Wikipedia insiders". Bizarre and ironic statements like this were posted:

"Very Strong Support Just zis Guy, you know? is one of the best contributor, a very calm, friendly person. I believe he will be a very good admin. I trust him and we need him. Many times he helped me by being such a nice person. I'm happy that I can vote for him wholeheartly. Bonaparte talk 07:09, 10 January 2006 (UTC)" (sic)

Despite being intensely disliked by hundreds of insider Wikipedians, and having been involved in uncounted numbers of editwars, Chapman manages to stay around year after year. Innumerable complaints about him can be found in AN/I and other noticeboards -- too many to list. The Wikipedia Review subforum about Guy[16] is the longest of all "Notable Users" fora.

  • Per[17]: "JzG has a history of disappearing as soon as strong criticism comes his way. Viridae Talk

22:02, 19 June 2008 (UTC) "

  • Desysopped at his own request September 2007, resysopped one month later.
  • Desysopped on Meta Nov 2009[18], resysopped March 2010[19].
  • RFC 1[20], June 2006, [deleted in 2006]
  • RFC 2[21], March 2008.
  • RFC 3[22], April 2009.
  • Tried to mass-delete userpages in the past, last pulled this[23] on Abd (no success).
  • Has outed[24] WP users.
  • Won the WR DICK of Distinction award in 2008.[25]
  • Sometimes blocks users for no apparent reason.[26]

• Guy has become a close friend and reliable supporter of Wikipedia skeptics, which includes some of Wikipedia's worst insiders. See David Gorski, Smallbones, Georgewilliamherbert, David Gerard, Tony Sidaway, BADSITES, Gary Weiss for examples.

Turd Burglar Redirect

In 2006, Guy redirected the "Turd Burglar" page to "gay" and then protected it as an "obvious" move. The entire exchange was subsequently oversighted and is no longer on the WP servers, but is documented in two Wikipedia Review threads: [27] [28]

Big breasts

2007 WR thread[29] . Used his IP address[30] to edit Charmaine Sinclair[31], Dani O'Neal[32], Letha Weapons[33], Lisa Lipps[34] and other large-breasted adult film stars. Also used[35]. Talkpage was deleted by MzMcBride in 2008 -- for unexplained reasons.

Faconnable mess

Guy deleted articles involved in a corporate defamation scandal. WR thread[36], more.[37]

Quote: "I'll tell you what, Guy "JzG" Chapman really is the lap-dog of the Wikimedia Foundation. He

plagiarized the Arch Coal article from me, to try to make Jimbo look better. He tended to Rachel Marsden's article, to try to make Jimbo slip in better. And now he nuked a litigant's article from the record, to try to let Jimbo slip away better."

Rupert Sheldrake

Guy repeatedly stuck his nose into the ongoing Rupert Sheldrake squabble (see Guerrilla skeptics).

And did his usual stupid things.

For example, he posted this[38] to Barleybannock's userpage in November 2013:

"You are a single purpose account and your editing of Rupert Sledrake (sic) is consistently tendentious. The article falls under the purview of previous arbitration, I will ask you nicely once to make no edits to the article without first achieving consensus. If you won't abide by that I will have to go with the ban that several people have already suggested to me.
"You are not, it seems, able to perceive that obdurate insistence on your preferred wording is not "compromise", because you don't understand that your POV is not a compromise or neutral POV. This is normal for new editors whose single focus is one contentious article, but long experience indicates that it rarely ends well.
"So, this should help you to avoid revert warring with the world and his dog, as has been going on thus far. Propose specific changes on the talk page and wait for road agreement (i.e. not just the two people whose views you like) or leave it to someone else. Guy (Help!) 20:28, 5 December 2013 (UTC)"

Guy's abuse continued unabated into 2015 and 2016. He chased sockpuppets who attempted to post negative information about personalities such as civil-rights activists Shaun King and Rachel Dolezal, partly to protect Travis Mason-Bushman's furious attempts to control the content.[39] "I have blocked user:50m race walk for disruptive editing, and because the edit pattern makes it pretty clear that this is not a new user, but they apparently refuse to discuss the status or identity of any previous account. The editing is enough without the suspicion of sockpuppetry: a Warrior for Truth attacking biographical and related articles. Guy (Help!) 13:18, 30 August 2016 (UTC)"

Further Criticism

  • SUSANFG’S WEBLOG MAY 31, 2008 AT 3:26 PM[40]
"Here’s proof of Guy Chapmans “JZG” Administrator (Wikipedia hypocrisy), If you have a look at Guy’s article on “Notability”[41] in Wikipedia and then click on the (My personal websites) which brings you to… yes you guessed it, to Guy’s very own “Chapmancentral”[42] website and If you further click on this link from the Chapman central page [43] it brings you to his “Commercial” affiliate advertising links page where you can readily see that Guy is obviously making money from advertising products such as

BBC and Lotus software etc from his website. And is it a coincidense that the BBC News is therefore allowed to edit its own pages in Wikipedia see this link or is Guy Chapman the mystery person behind these edits on behalf of BBC, makes one wonder. It’s clear that Wikipedia can be a very lucrative money spinner for their “chosen” administrators, and it makes sense why Guy has chosen to chase the money instead and ignore the tsunami of negative public opinion against his hostile conduct on the internet while working for Wikipedia." (sic)

A simple search on Google Groups will bring up hundreds of complaints about Guy's past antics on Usenet.

See Twin Galaxies for a 2016 example of Guy's general incompetence. Another example: EOMA68

Wit and wisdom

Found on this homeopath's blog[44], some past comments:

"If you act like a troll, I will probably ignore you and may tell you to fuck off."
"Shut the fuck up you whining twat."
"Fuck off. Fuck right off."
"And I want you to fuck off."
"Having given this the consideration it merits, fuck off."
"In short there are too many idiots and too few people prepared to tell them to fuck off."
""Oh fuck off" is, in the circles in which I move anyway, perfectly normal."
"Now go away and take your tiny mind with you."
"Well screw you. I saw the deleted content, and it was shit. Pure, unmitigated, unrelieved, venomous,
worthless, POV-pushing shit."
"I consider you an evil underhand spiteful shit-stirring weasel."
"You are an idiot and a time-waster and I fart in your general direction."
"Go away you ED-spamming worthless troll.' "


• Wikipedia:user:JzG[45] • Wikisynergy page[46] (a skeptic's wiki, taken down in 2012) • ED page[47] • Old email • Blog[48] • His private wiki[49], full of put-downs of people Guy doesn't like. • His Facebook[50] is also a cornucopia of abuse, mostly aimed at conservative American politicians. • He uses his Quora account[51] to support Wikipedia's status quo, and to rant about homeopathy and conservative politicians.


• (apparently some notes were deleted at some point)


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