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2007 was the year the Wikipedia idiot patrol reached its full flower.

The year started with the . [sic]

Carolyn Doran happened at about the same time. They hired her in January, she was busted for DUI in May, and managed to cover it up...going to a board meeting in Amsterdam in June. Presumably her being arrested on re-entering the US for parole violation tipped the geniuses of the WMF that something was up. But it still took them till July to do something. They don't announce it until September, after her FOURTH ARREST for DUI. Timeline here1.

Godwin also said that he and the Foundation are still unaware of Doran's criminal record: "We've never had any documentation of any criminal record on Carolyn Doran's part at all," he told us. "As far as I'm concerned, I have no direct knowledge of [her criminal record] yet...We have, in our records, no evidence of any such thing."

And Brad Patrick left just before Doran's blowup. It is widely assumed she may have forced Brad out, though this will never be proven adequately. He hired her, after all. Maybe he knew before anyone else and didn't want to be around for the hellstorm.

Everyone helped to cover Doran's mess up--even the WMF's legal counsel. IMO Mr. Godwin might be guilty of misconduct for this.

The Mantanmoreland/ situation came to a head in October, with David Gerard attempting to block a large chunk of Utah2, just to silence Judd Bagley. The secret mailing list squawk came out in December3 . Then in early 2008 came the flap, followed quickly by .[sic] By then it was impossible to ignore that Jimbo was a pathological liar and had surrounded himself with liars--unless you were a true-blue Wiki-fool. So, it all added up, and people started giving up and leaving Wikipedia.

reference list for 2007-early 2008 period

  • --Essjay's unmasking
  • --Taner Akçam detained because of info in his Wikipedia bio calling him a "terrorist"
  • --Fuzzy Zoeller BLP flap
  • -- and quit
  • --Jimmy blamed Seigenthaler for the vandalism of Seigenthaler's BLP
  • -- says Wikipedia is "broken beyond repair"
  • --
  • -- blocks a large chunk of Utah
  • --Mzoli's Meats scandal
  • -- scandal
  • --Durova's "cyberstalking" secret mailing list is revealed
  • --, the lawyer who assisted Jimmy Wales in writing the Wikimedia Foundation's bylaws and in setting up the Foundation as a 501-c (3) organization, describes5 Wales as "flaky" and someone who "does not keep his word".
  • --Carl Hewitt scandal
  • --Carolyn Doran scandal
  • --the "Boy Scouts are for Spanking" scandal
  • --Jossi scandal
  • --Rachel Marsden scandal
  • --the Holman study
  • -- reveals Jimmy's tendency to waste WMF money on "entertainment"
  • --Barbara Bauer lawsuit
  • --Erik Möller, No. 2 at Wikipedia, a defender of pedophilia6