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General notes

The page was created with heavy reliance on claims by Vigilant, who was a dedicated enemy of Merkey. Many of the sources have disappeared, but it is possible that copies will be found. "Rhodium comedy" would be an example of a meme probably created by Vigilant. Did Merkey claim to have smelted rhodium in his kitchen? Rhodium has a high melting point, almost 2,000 C. Those temperatures might be reached with a propane torch. But did he say "smelting" or did he say "purifying," which might be done chemically at lower temperature. In standard Vigilant snark, anything that might look unlikely is turned into preposterousness, to make it appear to be the claim of a madman. For example, "sued 200 John Does." People who know nothing about law may think that ridiculous. In fact, the number is arbitrary, and would be likely an upper estimate of the possible people allegedly involved in some tort, and Merkey was clearly under attack by a substantial group. It's meaningless, but, again, it "sounds crazy," suing 200 people. In fact, what really matters is the people served, service costs money! Somewhere, the total damages claimed were multiplied by this number of defendants, to make it a completely ridiculous figure. Again, trolling worked.

This was not uncommon in the wiki world. Fact was thin and warped beyond recognition, sometimes. What mattered was how it looked, and if contempt could be justified, wow! A winner! --Abd (talk) 16:25, 1 March 2020 (UTC)

Research notes.

Google "Rhodium Merkey"


Merkey v. Yahoo SCOX Groklaw et. al.

wow, feel like I found the mother lode. Reliable source documenting haters. (high political agenda combined with contempt). Copy from Forbes, Revenge of the Nerds, 2003. archive [ Yahoo! SCOX - Message board - SCO vs. IBM] covered on

and in late breaking news, Merkey is, ah, paranoid

but there is cause. He really has been harassed, but this finding shows the extent of his reactivity: Listing of Internet Stalkers, Intellectual Property Thieves, and Internet Libeler on, from 2006.

He also conveniently archived some attack pages, such as that seems to be a more complete version than I'd seen -- or maybe not. This is apparently Al Petrofsky, one of the people rumored to be the intense anti-Merkey troll Vigilant. Reading this, however, I'm inclined to consider that Petrofsky is not Vigilant. Vigilant never exercises such care to collect, archive, and present evidence. He just trolls with brief and snarky comments.

It's impressive. And a goldmine for information about the Merkey legal filings. I was led to a ruling by a Utah Federal court judge, which describes what appears to be a very careful analysis of Merkey's behavior with respect to the Novell litigation, in Novell, Inc. v. Timpanogos Research Grp., Inc., 46 U.S.P.Q.2d 1197, 1207 (Utah Dist. Ct. 1998)). text scanned copy (from Petrofsky, not otherwise verified, but very likely to be authentic.

The Second Ammended -sic- Complaint (August 2005) in Merkey v. Yahoo SCOX et al contains many statements about Merkey by Merkey.