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The Wikitop Team

WIKITOP.CC is intended as a top-level resource covering wikis. Mainspace here is to be neutral-by-consensus; that is, subpages are allowed in mainspace, and subpages may include opinion if a responsible author is identified. "Wikitop voice" should be neutral and verifiable. Subpages may be neutrally linked from the top level mainspace pages.

This wiki is intended for use by the wiki criticism community, and will cover critical sites as well as wikis themselves. Anonymous editing is not presently allowed (unless specifically approved by administration).

Accounts may be requested by private message to u/Abdlomax on Reddit, or to Verifiable on the Wikitop Discord server (invitation to the server is here). LEGAL NOTICES should be mailed to Lomax, 40 Fort St., #1, Northampton, MA 01060.

NOTE: EMAIL FROM THE SERVER IS NOT YET SET UP. So make sure you keep a record of your password!


Chapter summaries and research notes from the long-awaited book by Edward Buckner, E. A. Barbour, Andreas Kolbe and Nathalie Collida, the Wikipedia POV, or Wikipedia Through the Looking Glass. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED for cleanup. Contact Abdlomax as described.

Site Policy

Material in user space is the sole responsibility of the user. Material added there by others may be blanked by the user.

Subpages are allowed in mainspace. Top-level pages should be neutral; however, attributed opinion is allowed in subpages. (This is similar to what was followed on Wikiversity for years.) Hopefully, Wikitop will develop process for finding consensus if conflict arises, until then site management is responsible (and intends to support and facilitation consensus.

"Neutrality" here is neutrality-by-inclusion, as was the case on Wikiversity until late 2017, not neutrality by exclusion of opinion, as on Wikipedia. Attributed opinion is a form of fact (i.e., it is a fact that it is the opinion of the author.) Neutrality by exclusion requires a neutral editorial process, which may be unattainable. Neutrality by inclusion requires only a core of good-faith users who understand the distinction between fact and opinion.