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*[[/3apes/]] early Wales project
*[[/3apes/]] early Wales project
*[[/3RR/]] on the origin of the three-revert rule
*[[/3RR/]] on the origin of the three-revert rule

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Wikipedia Through the Looking Glass is a book authored by authored by E. A. Barbour, Edward M. Buckner, Andreas and Natalie Kolbe, some of which is copied here by permission, all rights reserved, and see the Cover Page. This page is an index to the contents, and is not an approval of the content. Critique of the book may be linked from here as well. Book chapters and related documents will be subpages of this page.

Some content may have unknown copyright restrictions, and DMCA protests may be filed with this wiki. Email is being set up, so contact abd -at- lomaxdesign -dot- com pending.

As well, research notes or articles compiled by E. A. Barbour, and possibly others, are being copied here. These were from a wiki that existed for a time, and page histories are not available at this point.

  • 3apes early Wales project
  • 3RR on the origin of the three-revert rule
  • 4chan