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''Wikipedia Through the Looking Glass'' is a book authored by Edward Buckner, E. A. Barbour, Andreas Kolbe and Nathalie Collida, some of which is copied here by permission of Eric Barbour, all rights reserved, and see the Cover Page. This page is an index to the contents, and is not an approval of the content. Critique of the book may be linked from here as well. The chapter summary and related documents will be subpages of this page.
''Wikipedia Through the Looking Glass'' is a book authored by Edward Buckner and E. A. Barbour, and there may be other authors some of which is copied here by permission of Eric Barbour, all rights reserved, and see the Cover Page. This page is an index to the contents, and is not an approval of the content. Critique of the book may be linked from here as well. The chapter summary and related documents will be subpages of this page.
Some content may have unknown copyright restrictions. DMCA protests may be filed with this wiki. Email is being set up, so contact abd -at- lomaxdesign -dot- com pending.  
Some content may have unknown copyright restrictions. DMCA protests may be filed with this wiki. Email is being set up, so contact abd -at- lomaxdesign -dot- com pending.  

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Wikipedia Through the Looking Glass is a book authored by Edward Buckner and E. A. Barbour, and there may be other authors some of which is copied here by permission of Eric Barbour, all rights reserved, and see the Cover Page. This page is an index to the contents, and is not an approval of the content. Critique of the book may be linked from here as well. The chapter summary and related documents will be subpages of this page.

Some content may have unknown copyright restrictions. DMCA protests may be filed with this wiki. Email is being set up, so contact abd -at- lomaxdesign -dot- com pending.

As well, there are research notes or articles compiled by E. A. Barbour, and possibly others. These were from a wiki that existed for a time, and page histories are not available at this point.

List of articles from the logicmuseum. We have some or most of these pages, they are being processed (all links reviewed and archived if appropriate) as time is available.

Basic Data For Book Wikipedia through the Looking Glass, Chapters, Proposed outline, Style and approach, Sources (WTTLG), The authors, The market, Charts and Graphs for Chapter 4, Wikipedia traffic statistics, Wikipedia timeline (combined)/, Wikipedia Timeline by Derktar/Kato/, Pamphlets, Follow up
Prehistory and "Friends" Chicago Options Associates, Bomis, Bomis/Sources, Brian Dowling, Michael Davis, Dowling Davis 110502, Edward O'Connor, Open Directory Project, Jimmy Wales (usenet posts COA)‎, Nupedia, Nupedia press release, Sunshine State Welcomes Deadbeats, 3apes, Search Bastard, Early Wikis, Usenet, Language on usenet, Everything2, Kuro5hin, Slashdot, Google, Craigslist, WIRED, Reddit, IRC, FOSS, Sunlight Foundation, Berkman Center, Creative Commons, Adequacy.org, Tides Foundation, The first ISP, Knight Foundation, Internet Archive
Jimbo Jimmy Wales, Jimmy Wales/Sources, Jimbo's_Talkpage_Messes, Jimbo's_"Privy_Council", Rohan Silva, Jimmy_as_Jesus, Jimmy on usenet, Rachel Marsden, A Whitewash on Wikipedia (post), Text And The City (Caroline Iggulden), Rachel Marsden (Valleywag May 2008)‎, Wales on Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales profile BBC radio 4 March 2012, O'Dwyer campaign, Wales interview, Dagens Næringsliv, 27 May 2006, Jimmy Wales (Will Johnson), Steakhouse stories, Jimmy Respublika interview March 2013, Welching (Jimmy), Wales and trading, Jimmy meets Bono, Fed funds LIBOR explained, Jimmy Wales Interview James O'Brien Aug 2014, WikiTribune
Jimbo's Pinky Pals Michael Davis, Tim Shell, Erik Möller, Angela Beesley, David Gerard, Fred_Bauder, Cary Bass, James Forrester, Kate Garvey, Stephen Bain, Pierre Omidyar, Yochai Benkler, Andrea Weckerle, Lily Cole
Larry Sanger Larry Sanger, Britannica or Nupedia? The Future of Free Encyclopedias (Sanger), Wikipedia is wide open. Why is it growing so fast (Sanger), Why the free encyclopedia movement needs to be more like the free software movement, Why_Wikipedia_Must_Jettison_Its_Anti-Elitism_(Sanger), Who Says we Know (Sanger), The Early History of Nupedia and Wikipedia: A Memoir (Sanger), This Interview Is A Stub (Sanger), Is there a new geek anti-intellectualism? (Sanger), Sanger's departure, Block Larry Sanger, Delete Larry Sanger
Early Days, Pre-2003 Emergence, Origin of the wiki, Wikipedia's first months‎, First critique (Sept 2001), The Cunctator, Ed Poor, Lee Daniel Crocker, Magnus Manske, Michael Tinkler, J. Hoffman Kemp, Brian Corr, The Anome, Daniel Mayer, Sean Barrett, Manning Bartlett, *My Neighbor Totoro, Philosophy 2001, NPOV (Dec 2001), Lisa Carter, Advertising, Edward O'Connor, Sanger's departure, Server history, Helga Jonat, Adam Rinkleff, Craig Hubley, Galileo dispute, Early admins
Peak Era, 2004-2007 Matthew White's Blog, 2007, WP Cyberstalking mailing list capture, Jimmy meets Bono, Elevation partners meeting, Wikipedia questions paths to more money, Esperanza, Encyclopedia Dramatica, IRC, Fastlizard4 IRC capture, 2005, Essjay affair, KNOW IT ALL: Can Wikipedia conquer expertise? (Schiff), Essjay vote, 2 March 2007, Brandt asks Essjay
Decline, Post-2007 Decline, Anonymous Wikipedian Affair (February 2008), Association of Established Editors, Blackout_(January_2012), Wikipedia campaigns, Gerard email exchange, 2009, The Rise and Decline of an Open Collaboration System, Who Killed Wikipedia?
Ideology, Culture Five Pillars, Objectivism, Ideology, Politics 101, Conservatism, Fibs in the Wikipedia, Always improving, Randy from Boise, FOSS, IRC, Slashdot, Google, Craigslist, WIRED, Reddit, Page ranking, Voluntarism, Transhumanism, Men's Rights, Content_creators, Editor retention, Civility, Secrecy, Neutral point of view, No original research, Verifiability, Verifiability (Aug 2003), DYK, Censorship, Not censored, Not_censored/IRC_chat, Patrollers, Administrators noticeboard, Darwikinism, Open source references, Register articles about Wikipedia, Gorbatai study, How The Internet Gets Inside Us, Digital Maoism (Lanier), Hacker culture, Hacker groups, 4chan, *Japan, *Anime, Experts, The Wikipedia Revolution, Mob, The Truth According To Wikipedia, Misogyny, Scally, Recycling, Checkuser, Userip, Web 2.0 nonsense, Why People-Powered Projects Are Ruled by Tyrants, Mentally ill, Anonymous Wikipedian Affair (February 2008), Jeffpw, Other language Wikipedias, Wikipedia Report FAQ, Esperanza, Patrollers, Robots, WYSIWYG editor, Israel-Palestine squabbles, Piracy essay by Gomi, Mark Pellegrini abuses of process, Large amount of rangeblocks by Raul654, Credit Cruncher RFA, Encyclopedia Dramatica, Advertising, Anonymous, Michael Brutsch, Pending Changes, Article Rescue Squadron, Articles For Deletion, OTRS, Greg Kohs vs. OTRS, Coase's Penguin, Tortoise technology, The Net Fail, Part 1, The Net Fail, Part 2, List of Wikiwomen, Class warfare, IRC argument, 28 March 2013, Price of knowledge, Revolution OS‎, Tim O'Reilly‎, The Water Hole, Zero Law, Uncritical acceptance, Jesse Thomas, Schools, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Village pump, The Signpost, Mass amateurism study, Berkman Center, Courtesy Vanishing, Douglas Schatz, Andrew Auernheimer, Free Ride, Copyright movement, Creative Commons, Suicides, Derek Slater, Hergueux study, 2014, Net neutrality, Outing, Ghouls, Warming Up To The Culture Of Wikipedia, GOOPTI, Wipipedia, RationalWiki, Use of Wikipedia in legal cases, Terms Of Use, Transparency, Categories, Eternal September, A Latent Space Analysis of Editor Lifecycles in Wikipedia, Encyclopedia of Homosexuality, A global free fire zone, How journalists view Wikipedia, Forced collaboration, Editing patterns, Ridiculous policies and pages, AGF, In The News, Critical essays, Monkey selfie, Furries on Wikipedia, Don't Be A Dick, WMF bureaucrat, NSA lawsuit stunt, Reddit AMA, 20 March 2015, Reithianism, Wikipedia mythbuster time, Reliable sources
Defamation And Biographical Abuse Autobiographies, MzMcBride's list of BLPs edited by their subjects, Defamatory_BLPs, Corporate defamation, John Seigenthaler, Seigenthaler Op-Ed, Robert Shelton, Cosa Nostra, Jimmy Wales, CNN Dec 2005, Rachel Marsden, Rachel Marsden BLP early history, Rachel Marsden (Valleywag May 2008)‎, Amanda Knox trial, Michel Thomas, Allison Stokke dispute, Jennavecia/Victims, Jonathan King editing his own article, Johann Hari, TuftsWebComm, Neoconservatives on WP, Rose Agree, Andrea James, WE HAS UR NUMBR LOSR, Bruce McMahan, Paula Broadwell/David Petraeus, Samin Tan scandal, Pending Changes, Yuri Gadyukin hoax, David Hager defamation, SergeWoodzing, Denise Milani, Andrew Peach editwar, Santiago Swallow hoax, Omid Safi defamation, Robert Clark Young, Billy Hathorn, Koenraad Elst, Eliot Spitzer, Richard Dawkins, Michael Shermer, Klee Irwin, Mark Pritchard, Susan L. Burke, Google employees, Thomas Hornauer scandal, Menachem Mendel Schneerson, Ken Fredette, Texas Congresspeople, Brendan Eich, Daniel Virgillito hoaxes, Katsanevas squabble, Allen C. Thompson, Luis González-Mestres, Cyrus Farivar hoaxes, Amal Alamuddin, Carl Freer, 2014 "Transparency Report", Sandy Frank, Brazilian politicians, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Jennifer Lawrence‎, Milo Yiannopoulos, Carl DeMaio, Mitch McConnell, Wim Crusio, J. Hutton Pulitzer, Falsified military careers, Jim McCrery, Tara Teng, Lily Cole, Boris Malagurski, Nick Turse, Gene Weingarten, Todd And Clare, Elmer T. Cunningham, Robert David Steele, Sagecandor and Minassian Media, Adnan Oktar, Philip Cross affair, Spoonkymonkey
Article Quality (general) Longest articles, Wiki-slobber, Awful, Errors, Wikiality, Weblink Reference Validity Test, Problem articles, Purpose (article), Eschaton, Susan L. Burke, Verifiability, No original research, Citations, Featured article timeline, Glucojasinogen, Graham study of WP geotagging, Hoax articles, Recreation Park disaster, Human Stain Scandal, Wezen-Ball: Indexing the Indexers, Yuri Gadyukin hoax, Articles For Deletion, Manual of Style arguments, Notability arguments, Murray Chance hoax, Klee Irwin, Wikiproject Containers, Legolas, The distorted mirror of Wikipedia‎, Emysphilia, Azid, Siberian Wikipedia, Tahir Shah, Citogenesis, Critical essays, KuchenZimjah, Warren Chaney dispute, Vincent Canfield
Article Quality (critiques) Philosophy, Voluntarism, Intensional statement, Game theory, Allen B. Du Mont, Cyril Elwell, Oxford report 2012/, William Vorilong, Mass amateurism study, Medieval articles, Investiture Controversy (tables), The 100 Most-Edited Wikipedia Articles
Pedophiles and Bestiality Pedophilia, Pedophilia timeline, Spanking, Boy scouts are for spanking, Alarics, Pedophilia subject editors, Zanthalon, Haiduc, Rookiee, Newgon (website), Arguments used by pedophiles, Victimological agenda, Ralph Squillace, Internet child pornography (Wikipedia article), Rodhullandemu, Tyciol, Tyciol block on Commons, July 2010, Scouts, Animal films (Wikipedia article), Sukumizu Girl, Wikipedophile (ED article), Corax, Vladimir Mozhenkov, Vladimir Mozhenkov/ANI, Pieter De Praetere, For An Angel, Ssbohio, Vigilanceprime, Daniel Lièvre, WHO IS EDITING THE INTERNET'S ENCYCLOPEDIA?, Andrew Lih on Erik Moeller, LuxOfTKGL, Mark Wagner, Wikipedia campaign, Nathan Larson, ChildWiki (website), BLueRibbon, List of pedophiles article, Fugitive pedophile gets 20 years, Akhilleus, Jorge packs his bags, David Stodghill, Aaron Nadler, Family International, SqueakBox, Child Sexual Abuse reference desk incident, Katydidit
Pornography And Other Sexual Content Pornography, Arguments used by pornographers, WikiProject Sexology and sexuality, Commons, Commons categories with offensive images, Most viewed Commons images, Wikipedians for Decency, Donkey punch, Donkey Punch, Or How I Tried To Fight Hate Speech on Wikipedia (And Quickly Lost), Tolling bell, Vladimir Mozhenkov, Matthew Buck, Bondage, Robin de la Motte, Tobias Oelgarte, Pieter De Praetere, Remove Founder flag, Other sexuality subjects
Plagiarism Plagiarism, Encyclopedia Britannica, Turnitin study on plagiarism, Nov 2011, Glucojasinogen, Oliver Keyes, Roger Davies, Randy Lee Everette, WIRED Magazine plagiarism, Siger of Brabant, Roger Bacon, Albertus Magnus, Kazakh_Wikipedia, KKWP timeline, Jean-Paul Ollivier, Lord Leveson, Rand Paul, James Feinerman, Peruvian legislators, Pepe Mel, Sadie Whitelocks, William R. Polk, Medical, Zygmunt Bauman, Circular plagiarism, Use of Wikipedia in legal cases, Benny Johnson, How students view Wikipedia, How journalists view Wikipedia
Internal Crises Major Arbitration Disputes, Conflict of interest, Israel-Palestine squabbles, British Isles naming dispute, Shakespeare authorship question, Monty Hall problem, Armenia-Azerbaijan 2, FT2, The Anvil email, FT2/IRC with Thatcher, Jimbo Found Out, Jimbo Fired Up, BADSITES, Ganas, New Users, Badlydrawnjeff, Mohammed, Betacommand, Race and intelligence, Poetlister, British civil servant impersonated others online, John Harnad affair, Amorrow, Andrew Morrow (life story), Andrew_Morrow_(website), Morrow CV, Other information on Morrow, The Coming Privacy Singularity (A Morrow), Glucojasinogen, TuftsWebComm, Jeff Merkey, Bruce Ivins, Everyking desysop, 4 Sept 2006, WP Cyberstalking mailing list capture, Anonymous Wikipedian Affair (February 2008), Remove Founder flag, Daniel Brandt, Unblocking of Daniel Brandt, Dabljuh, Block Larry Sanger, Loosmark block, Good Olfactory, Jason Honan, EEML/Digwuren battle, Eastern European disputants/, Proabivouac, Page moves, Dan Murphy post, Helga Jonat, Administrators who blocked themselves, Anybot mess, Association of Established Editors, Mike Wood, Craig Hubley, Vandalism of Conservapedia, Swalwell, Alberta, Manual of Style arguments, Steakhouse stories, Avlor Landic de Hazelrof (hoax), India/Pakistan/Bangladesh squabbles, Clayton Olney, Murray Chance hoax, Suicides, Nichalp, Medical, Ghouls, Stanton Foundation flap, Badmachine's IRC dump, Cyrus Farivar hoaxes, Cwmhiraeth case, Kumioko affair, 2006 Wikipedia database crash
Public Crises Essjay affair, Brandt_asks_Essjay, Essjay disrobed, Bell Pottinger affair, Truth In Numbers, The Faith-Based Encyclopedia (McHenry), Katefan0, A large scale student assignment – what could possibly go wrong?, Academia, David Gerard (interview Radio 4 120117), Johann Hari, THF, Mike Handel hoax, The NEWT Experiment, Tim Pierce scandal, Kris Straub scandal, Tom Vanden Brook, Rachel Marsden, Rachel Marsden BLP early history, Carolyn Doran, Carolyn Doran timeline, Wikitruth, EPIC Oxford report, Human Stain Scandal, GibraltarPedia, Lord Leveson, Kazakh Wikipedia, KKWP timeline, Samin Tan scandal, BP editing scandal, Santiago Swallow hoax, Andy Burnham, Thomas Hornauer scandal, Hillsborough disaster squawk, 2014 "Transparency Report", Daily Mail ban
Wikimedia UK Wikimedia_UK, First_setup_of_WMUK,_IRC,_January_2006, Ashley Van Haeften, Ashley Van Haeften CV, 2005, Zgay.org DNS, Crisco by Wnt/, Dan Murphy post, Joint Committee on Privacy and Injunctions (Wikipedia evidence), David Boothroyd, Alison Wheeler, Caroline Ford, Jonathan Cardy, Peter Coombe, Charles Matthews, Happy melon, Twitter dispute, Fae vs. Deryck Chan, Richard Symonds, Roger Bamkin, Chris Keating, Andy Mabbett, John Byrne, Chris Owen, Rock Drum, GibraltarPedia, Jon Davies, Tom Morris, Wikimania 2014, Chris McKenna
Wikimedia Australia Wikimedia Australia, John Vandenberg, Casimir Liber, Tim Starling, Angela Beesley, David Gerard, Scott Bibby, Stephen Bain, James T. Neill, Daniel Bryant, Chris Sherlock, Grace Note
Other Wikimedia Chapters Wikimedia India, India/Pakistan/Bangladesh squabbles, Achal Prabhala, Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington, Nichalp
Demons, Real Or Imagined Sockpuppetry, Grawp, Scientology, Corax, Willy On Wheels, Jeffrey Latham, Mattisse, Adam Rinkleff, Helga Jonat, Rangeblocks, Amorrow, Grace Note, Jeffrey Peters, Noleander, SPUI, A Nobody, Crazy 1980, Clayton Olney, Runtshit, Proofreader77, Johnny The Vandal, Faye Kane, Racepacket, JB196
Poetlister Poetlister, Letter from Selwood, Poetlister (ED), The Anvil email, Regrets (Kelly Martin), Zordrac on Poetlister, Sockpuppeting civil servant Wikifiddles himself, Poetlister correspondence/, Poetlister by SlimVirgin, British civil servant impersonated others online
Psychopathic Killers Who Edited Wikipedia Anders Breivik, Adam Lanza, John Patrick Bedell, Ludwig Von Mises Institute, Luka Magnotta, LUKA_MAGNOTTA_-_THE_ULTIMATE_TIMELINE_of_EVENTS, Elliot Rodger, Bruce Ivins
Disgruntled, Critics Daniel Brandt, Danny Wool, Alex Roshuk, Sam Vaknin, Andrew Murray, Don Murphy, Gnetwerker/Gomi, Rachel Marsden, Rachel Marsden BLP early history, Myers on Wikipedia, Andrew Orlowski, Cade Metz, John Harnad affair, The Truth According To Wikipedia, Register articles about Wikipedia, Wikipedia Review, Adrian Meredith, Jeff Merkey, Adam Rinkleff, Rob Smith, Dabljuh, Law Lord, Wikitruth, Andy Sylvia, Jason Herlihy, Mistress Selina Kyle, ISTIA/, Is Wikipedia more reliable than the Encyclopaedia Britannica, Evgeny Morozov‎, Seth Finkelstein, IRC office hours, 01-20-2012, IRC log, 19 May 2013, Wikipedia as a Force for Evil, Mancunium, Mbz1/, Today we have, Backstage with the Wikipedians, Wikipediocracy, Bugmenot123123123 dispute
Bias and Paid Editing Paid editing, Paid editing studies, The wide world of Wikipedia, and why PR practitioners should take note, David King, Mantanmoreland/Gary Weiss, Disney, Johann Hari, USEPA James, James T. Neill, Callaban, Orangeart19, Aberdeen Group, Heritage Foundation, Vonage editing, GibraltarPedia, Burger King, Assorted corporate POV editing, Luci Koh, Kazakh Wikipedia, Rauan Kenzhekhanuly, KKWP timeline, Kazakh language, Kazakhstan - Ethnicity, Language and Power, Jimmy Respublika interview March 2013, Kazpravda on Wikipedia, Республика (газет), Men's Rights, Wiki-PR, Mike Wood, Institute for Cultural Diplomacy, RAND Corporation, Karl Brown, Belkin555, Deborah Fisher, Charles Truell, TechTarget, American Customer Satisfaction Index, Feed The Children, Bleacher Report, Mark Pritchard, Sunlight Foundation, BuzzFeed, Courtesy Vanishing, Gunther Eysenbach, Simon DeDeo, Otto Placik, Jake Orlowitz, Jason Moore, Bridgespan Group, Youth With A Mission, Nichalp, Arindam Chaudhuri, The Truth About IIPM's Tall Claims, Sweet Smell of Success, IIPM Wikipediocracy Twitter, David Purdy, Google employees, Medical, Kevin Wayne Williams/Gary Greenbaum, Menachem Mendel Schneerson, CeBIT Conference, Deepak Chopra. IBM And The Holocaust, Telenor, The People's Operator, Fleishman-Hillard, Allen C. Thompson, Stanton Foundation flap, Gurbaksh Chahal, Export-Import Bank, Sri Chinmoy, Smallbones, Greg Kohs Wikiconference 2014-06-01, Twitterbots, Ed Fitzgerald, Reason Foundation, Tahir Shah, Brookfield Asset Management, Vegaswikian, Vaoverland, Operation Swill, Apertium, Jeff Finlayson, E-Cigarette editwar, Red Bull House Of Art, Meet Wikipedia's Soccer Scammers, Linda Katehi, Twin Galaxies, EOMA68, ZBS Foundation, Sagecandor and Minassian Media, Henry Nicholas
Misogyny Misogyny, Men's Rights, Hacker culture, Reddit, Brogrammers, Michael Brutsch, Amorrow, Elizabeth Morgan Act Declared Unconstitutional (blog), Amorrow Goes Off His Meds, 2013, Slashdot, 4chan, Donkey punch, Shakehandsman, List of Wikiwomen, Zoe Quinn/Gamergate, Milo Yiannopoulos, Redpill right, Dawn Tripp
Pro-Science/Anti-Science/whatever Craziness Global warming, William M. Connolley, Raymond Arritt, Joshua Schroeder, Tracy Walker, Paul Mitchell, Ellen Smith, Ian Ramjohn, MONGO, Fringe science‎, OrangeMarlin, Videmus Omnia, Robert Stevens, Large amount of rangeblocks by Raul654, Mark Pellegrini abuses of process, Mathsci, David Gorski, Lukas Pietsch, Speed of Light squabble, Creationism, Guerrilla skeptics, Deepak Chopra, Richard Dawkins, Michael Shermer, Andy's Horror/, Sam Harris, Doug Weller, Neurolinguistic programming, Flavius Vanillus, Cold fusion, Abd threatens to sue
Anti-Cult Craziness William_McWhinney, Cirt, Scientology, Chris Owen, David Gerard, Tony Sidaway, Joseph Crowley, Ben Schumin, Family International, Est, Landmark Worldwide
Political Craziness LaRouche editwar, Sarah McEwan/Linda Mack, Swalwell, Alberta, Chip Berlet, Daniel Platt, Berlet and SlimVirgin, Rick Santorum, Campaign for Santorum neologism (timeline), Russavia Biophys, Vladimir Mozhenkov, Neoconservatives on WP, EEML/Digwuren battle, British Isles naming dispute, Heritage Foundation, Bias in Norwegian political articles, Baklava, JF-17 Thunder, Kazakh Wikipedia, Rauan Kenzhekhanuly, KKWP timeline, Kazakh language, Республика (газет), Andy Burnham, Steven Zvi Beer, British Isles naming dispute, Oliver Moran, Ludwig Von Mises Institute, Ukrainian nationalism, Transnistria, Reason Foundation, America Rising
Religious Craziness Jayjg, Jossi Fresco, Prem Rawat, Yomin Postelnik, Scientology, Mohammed, Israel-Palestine squabbles, Jagged 85, Jehovah's Witnesses, Youth With A Mission, Family International, Deepak Chopra, Sri Chinmoy, Alexander Kerdman
Racist/antiracist Craziness Race and intelligence, New Black Panther Party voter intimidation case, Mathsci, Robert Djurdjevic, Jeffrey Latham, Stormfront, Christopher Fitch, Shakehandsman, Allen C. Thompson
Mad, bad, dangerous to know Nasty pieces of work, Addicts, Cranks, RickK, Jeffrey O. Gustafson, Law (editor), Justin Knapp, Rich Farmbrough, Neurolinguistic programming, Mark Pellegrini, Tony Sidaway, Guy Chapman, Heidi Wyss, Willowtree, David Shankbone, Ryulong, Lise Broer, Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington, Benjamin "Benjiboi" Holman, Derrick Coetzee, Merovingian, Ryan Bushby, Ncmvocalist, Randy Lee Everette, Elonka Dunin, William J. Boddy, Amorrow, SandyGeorgia, Mattisse, Happy melon, John254, OrangeMike, MONGO, Brian Speer, THF, Andrea James, Robert Djurdjevic, Richard Symonds, Philip Sandifer, James T. Neill, Andy Mabbett, Benjamin McIlwain, Jason Honan, Gary Greenbaum, Wnt, David G. Goodman, Ryan Postlethwaite, Chris Sherlock, Travis Mason-Bushman, Roy S. Chen, Jagged 85, Andrew Davidson, Robert Stevens, Mathsci, Calton Bolick, Scottywong, Smith Jones, Cynthia Ashley-Nelson, Little green rosetta, Michael Hardy, Simon DeDeo, Steven Zvi Beer, Oliver Moran, Kevin Wayne Williams, Ikip/Okip, SqueakBox, ColonelHenry, Abigail Brady, El C, Beyond My Ken, Carlos Suarez, Federico Leva, Geni, Brat in a bubble‎, Wim Crusio, Coffee, Wikicology, Hillbillyholiday, Joshua Boyle
Hostile Patrollers and Trolls Patrollers, Robots, Administrators noticeboard, Georgewilliamherbert, Josh Gordon, Dan Rosenthal, Harry Mitchell, Tyler Van Wormer, Ted Timmons, Andrew Leonard, Jeremy Harmon-Kiehl, Ben Schumin, Robert Fernandez, Scott Bibby, Britt Hackemack, Andrew Pearson, Ckatz, Kevin Chen, Adam Hyland, Tim Song, Oliver Keyes, Anthony G Kelly, Will Noble, Wknight94, Fram, Joshua Zelinsky, Greg Maxwell, Brian Sadowski, Peter Coombe, Beeblebrox, Mike Trites, Brett Reynolds, John254, Paolo's "enemies list", Jonathan Hochman, OrangeMike, MONGO, Pieter De Praetere, Nigel Rossiter, Saibo, Theresa Knott, Bao Loc Nguyen, Peter Orme, Courcelles, Andrew Sabisky, Lukas Pietsch, Zachary Harden, Jason Remy, Alex Sawczynec, Eric Ventress, Daniel Bryant, Daniel Crow, Joseph Crowley, Karen Ingraffea, MuZemike, Zzuuzz, Bhushan Deshpande, Materialscientist, Aaron Passley, Demiurge1000, Gregory Wickwire, Thomas Fischer, BWilkins, Isaac Pockras, NawlinWiki, Todd Street, Christopher Woodrich, Thomas Fish, Molly White, Steven Olson, Maurizio Lussetti, Michael Knowles, Andrew Schmidt, Doug Weller
Social Lions Wikipedians on Facebook, Matt Bisanz, Kat Walsh, Samuel Klein, John Vandenberg, Larry Pieniazek, Geogre, Molly White, Karen Ingraffea, Julian Diamond, Caroline Ford, Chris Carter-Smith
Obsessives, extremists and true believers Wikilove, Wikipedians, Community, Brogrammers, Article Rescue Squadron, Malleus Fatuorum, Sage Ross, Sherman Cahal, Jesse Plamondon-Willard, Jesse Cancelmo, OrangeMarlin, Giano, Aaron Swartz, Greg Maxwell, Samuel Klein, SandyGeorgia, Phoebe Ayers, Chris Owen, Matthew Buck, Robin de la Motte, Everyking, Dominic McDevitt-Parks, Zachary Harden, Andrew Phillips, Michael Frank, Porter Broyles, Bruce Abramson, Mark Wagner, Philipp Lenssen, Kevin Gorman, Derrick Coetzee, Michael Neylon, Scottywong, Pete Forsyth, Ben Hallert, Dr. James Heilman, David Purdy, Dr. Michel Aaij, Maurizio Lussetti, Pine, Michael Waddell, Kevin Rutherford, Coretheapple, Nathan Awrich, Gerard Meijssen, Niemti, Andrew Spencer, Benjamin Mako Hill
Wikimedia Foundation Wikimedia Foundation, MediaWiki, Sue Gardner, Brion Vibber, Tim Starling, Erik Möller, Florence Devouard, Kat Walsh, Jay Walsh, Michael Snow, Steven Walling, Danese Cooper, Fabrice Florin, Samuel Klein, Phoebe Ayers, Philippe Beaudette, Global_education_program, Wiktionary, Wikinews, Wikibooks, Wikiversity, Wikisaurus, Wikisource, /Autobiographies#Metafilter_sysops/, Schools, Fundraising, Other language Wikipedias, German Wikipedia, Turkish Wikipedia, Italian Wikipedia‎, French Wikipedia, Languages and the Internet, Visual editor, Pat Reilly, Pending Changes, WMF budgets, OTRS, Greg Kohs vs. OTRS, Pete Forsyth, Sarah Stierch, WMF secret donor list, Flow, Sherry Snyder, Maggie Dennis, Fleishman-Hillard, Achal Prabhala, Ryan Kaldari, Katherine Maher, Frank Schulenburg, Cary Bass, Lila Tretikov, The Foundation and the Community, Terms Of Use, The MoiraMoira affair, Brandon Harris, Damon Sicore, Secure Poll, Wiki-World comics, Omidyar Venturing Out, James Alexander, WMF Endowment, Wikimedia's special wikis

Trustees etc: WMF Trustees, Other WMF employees, WMF Advisory Board, WMF steward

Legal counsel: Alex Roshuk, Brad Patrick, Mike Godwin, Geoff Brigham

Wikia Wikia, Angela Beesley, Lisa Carter, Essjay affair, Flow
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Arbcom Arbitration committee, Ira Matetsky, Helen Clipsom, Mark Pellegrini, Coren aka Marc-Antoine Pelletier, Roger Davies, Steven Pereira, Christopher Kreuzer, Daniel Tylicki, David Boothroyd, Brett Reynolds, Anne Clin, FT2 aka Paul Sinclair, Randy Lee Everette, Anthony G Kelly, Kat Walsh, Daniel Mayer, The Cunctator aka Brad Johnson, David Gerard, Essjay affair aka Ryan Jordan, Fred Bauder, Jayjg aka Judah Gould, Josh Gordon, James Forrester, Sydney Poore, Charles Matthews, Steve Dunlop, Kirill Lokshin, Jonathan Clemens, Frank Bednarz, Theresa Knott, Sean Barrett, Bao Loc Nguyen, Steve Smith, Lisa Carter, Stephen Bain, John Vandenberg, Michelle Kinney, Iridescent aka Aidan Merritt, Courcelles aka Brad Brown, Tim Song, Bhushan Deshpande, Casimir Liber, Seraphimblade aka Todd Allen, Molly White, Beeblebrox, Luke Faraone, Brian Cox, Will Nicholes, Floquenbeam, Mason on WO, Salvio Giuliano, Doug Weller, Chris McKenna, Thatcher, Robert Fernandez

Minor Arbcom figures

Commons Commons, Commons categories with offensive images, Most viewed Commons images, Incompetence on Commons, Vladimir Mozhenkov, Matthew Buck, Robin de la Motte, Tobias Oelgarte, Pieter De Praetere, Jonathan Cardy, Scott Bibby, Rock Drum, ObiWolf images, Bill william compton, Jcb, Nigel Rossiter, Wikiproject Containers, Ashley Van Haeften
Other Background Items Backstage with the Wikipedians, Encyclopedia Britannica, The Columbia Encyclopedia's Crimes Against The Truth (McCabe), COPPA Act violations, Hestiaea

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